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20 – 21 – 22 Ekim 2016

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Prof. Dr. Fehim BAKIRCI

Dear colleagues

We would like to share happiness and pride of holding 2nd International Caucasia-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress in Erzurum as Ataturk University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and to share content of hosting valuable scientists in Erzurum with you.

It is a source of honor and joy for our university that is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary and our department that was found with dynamic and excited staff in 2013 to invite you for 2nd International Caucasia-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress which will be held 20th and 22nd of October.

City of Erzurum which had richest samples of cultural heritage of Anatolia and was one of the main centers of historical, commercial and transportation roads is situated today as well in an important central position of energy and transfer lines which has strategic status.

We wish to host you in Erzurum, peak of Anatolia, which has obtained up to date gains with important investments and is a candidate for upper most ranks among cities in the list to be worth visiting in Turkey.

We wish to present a rich scientific content congress opportunity that all participants will be able to reach and feel historical and cultural atmosphere thanks to facilities which are provided by Ataturk University whereby Nenehatun Congress and Culture Center and living campus.

“Combined Transportation, Trade and Energy Lines in The Line of Black Sea, Caucasia, Central Asia: Regional Awareness” was determined by common consent in heads of International Trade and Logistics department on February 26, 2016 as the main theme of congress which will be held internationally with the arrival of valuable domestic and international participants. Our congress which was held in Kafkas University before will have a broad program with an opening panel with theme of “Black Sea- Central Asia Trade, Logistics and Energy Lines Center: Erzurum” and also will provide a chance for scientist of international trade and logistics to discuss and evaluate current developments and to share scientific ideas.

We also wish to conduct a workshop which we think, will be effective to strengthen occupational awareness and unity, to discuss future concerns, to talk about academic development of the department, to actualize offer suggestions for some problems. And also presents a chance for especially our young colleagues to be together with sector representatives and scientist who have been making great efforts for years in the field of international trade and logistics.

        II.International Caucasia-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics will be actualized with the support of Ataturk University and various public and private. Minister and Undersecretary of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Minister and Undersecretary of Customs and Trade, Minister and Undersecretary of Development, Head of Turkish Exporters Assembly, Consul generals of Azerbaijan and Iran, head of Eastern Anatolian Exporters Assembly, Heads of International Trade and Logistics Civil Organizations such as, UTİKAD, LODER and UND, Executives of Ports and Logistics centers, Head of DAP Regional Management, Secretary Generals of KUDAKA and periphery development agencies, Governor of Erzurum, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Erzurum, businessmen, sector representatives academicians members, instructors will be invited.

We await all our friends with whom we will live “common consensus, excitement, pride together to Erzurum in order to transform potential into an actual strength and bring department of international trade and logistics and Turkey and other regional countries to their deserved place in economic development”.

Hope to meet you in Erzurum between 20th and 22nd of October…Screenshot_1

On behalf of Congress Organising Committee

 Prof. Dr. Fehim BAKIRCI    


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Head of International Trade and Logistics Department