The Main Theme of The Congress :

Combined Transportation, Trade and Energy Lines in Black Sea, Caucasia, Central Asia Line : Regional Awareness’’

• Logistics Center in Historical Iran- Black Sea Line : Erzurum
• Socio-Economic Analysis of Land-Sea-Railway and Airway Combined Transportation
• Obstacles in International Trade. National and Regional Analysis
• Quality of Logistical Services and Logistics Innovation
• Usage of Information Technology in the Field of International Trade and Logistics
• Global Trends in Logistics Sector
• Global Transportation Corridors
Effects of Global and Regional Integrations on Foreign Trade and Logistics
• China-Silk Road Economic Belt
• Caspian Transit Corridor
• The Effect of Lifted Against Iranian Embargos on Regional Trade
• Energy Trade and Its Logistics
• International Commercial Law and Regional Events
• Evaluation of International Trade and Logistics of Agriculture and Food Products
• Caucasia Central Asia Turkey International Trade-Logistics Corridor
• Ports and Logistics Areas
• Tourism Logistics
• Free Trade Zones and Border Trade
• Effect of the Geopolitical Tensions on International Trade and Logistics
• Advices/ Necessities of Legal and Institutional Changes in the Context of Current International Developments
• National and International Financial Support Mechanisms According to Regional Needs
• Public Support Mechanisms in the Fields of International Trade and Logistics
• Geopolitics and Geostrategy of Energy Lines
• Green Logistics
• Healt Logistics
• Disaster Logistics